Originally published on PR Web

Eagle Surgical Products, LLC, today announced it will showcase Electro Lube®, an anti-stick solution for electrosurgery, at booth #10 during the American Society of Pediatric Otolaryngology (ASPO) annual meeting May 18-21 in Austin, Texas.

ASPO aims to improve pediatric otolaryngology through education and collaborative research. The annual meeting highlights advances and innovations in patient care, and this year the program will focus on quality and improved outcomes in pediatric otolaryngology. Electro Lube® reduces eschar buildup for a cleaner, more predictable instrument, which is an important factor to improving outcomes.

“Eschar buildup on a suction coagulator is a regular, consistent issue for most otolaryngologists,” said Tim Reese, President of Eagle Surgical Products, LLC, the sales and distribution company for Electro Lube®. “ASPO is a prime place to demonstrate how Electro Lube® can reduce time spent in surgery and share how it can help surgeons and nurses provide patients with the highest quality care.”

Otolaryngologists at some of the nation’s top hospitals, including Johns Hopkins, the Cleveland Clinic and MD Anderson, are currently using Electro Lube® on their monopolar and bipolar instrumentation. John O’Day, Medical Director, Head & Neck Specialty Group of New Hampshire, says this about the product:

“I am using Electro Lube® on my suction cautery instruments. Electro Lube® simply saves me a tremendous amount of time and frustration by not having to stop and clean the lumen off my device from eschar build-up. I love the product and recommend it to all my associates.”

Reese will be at booth #10 demonstrating Electro Lube®’s ability to minimize eschar buildup on a variety of instrumentation such as bipolar forceps and suction coagulator.

Members of the media interested in speaking with Reese can contact Angela Dejene at adejene(at)crosswindpr.com. For more information on Electro Lube®, please visit http://www.electrolubesurgical.com.