Originally published on PR Web

Eagle Surgical Products, LLC, today announced it will showcase Electro Lube®, an anti-stick solution for electrosurgery, at booth #821 during the Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES) Annual Meeting March 22-25 in Houston, Texas. SAGES brings together surgeons worldwide to communicate and collaborate on the latest innovation and research in gastrointestinal and endoscopic surgery.

“Surgeons utilizing monopolar or bipolar instruments, such as bipolar dissecting forceps or L-hooks, often complain about having to stop during surgery to remove eschar buildup from their instrument tips. This can be particularly burdensome during minimally invasive procedures,” said Tim Reese, President of Eagle Surgical Products, LLC, the sales and distribution company for Electro Lube®. “SAGES has been a leader of best practices in laparoscopic surgeries such as Lap-Appendectomy, where Electro Lube® can be helpful in preventing instruments from sticking to tissue and tissue from sticking to the instrument.”

Electro Lube® is currently being used by surgeons at some of the nation’s top hospitals including the Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins, the UC Health System and New York-Presbyterian University Hospital of Columbia and Cornell.

Dr. Andrea Hayes-Jordan, FACS, FAAP and Associate Professor at the Department of Pediatric Surgery at The University of Texas Medical School in Houston, says this about Electro Lube®:

“Electro Lube® was really helpful to me when using the ball tip cautery while doing a diaphragm peritonectomy. Very helpful!”

Reese will be at booth #821 demonstrating Electro Lube®’s ability to minimize eschar buildup on a variety of instrumentation such as bipolar open forceps, curved hot scissors and robotics.

Members of the media interested in speaking with Reese can contact Angela Dejene at adejene(at)crosswindpr(dot)com. For more information on Electro Lube®, please visit http://www.electrolubesurgical.com.